2021 Race Season - Request for Musher Input

Monday, May 25, 2020

The Yukon Quest International Association (Canada) wants your input!

Understanding that the world is affected by COVID-19 and the precautionary measures administered to avoid the spreading of the virus, the Yukon Quest International Association (Canada) wants your input. Given the potential impacts you have faced already and may be facing in the months to come, we're interested in your feedback on a few questions regarding the 2021 race season.

We, as a non-profit organization, are also affected by COVID-19. There has been a significant impact on our sponsors, traditional in-person fundraising initiatives (such as raffles and summer events), our ability to move freely between borders, and more. Despite these challenges, we're still hoping to serve our mushing community to the best of our abilities.

This questionnaire is preliminary and is only the beginning of this discussion. We appreciate your participation in answering these questions as it will only assist us in continuing our planning for the 2021 race season.

Click here to complete the questionnaire.