2020 Race Officials

2020 Race Officials

Peter Reuter - Race Marshal

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Peter began running dogs in the 1980s with a trapline team. Over the next 30 years, he has run dogs for tour companies from New York to the Yukon and now in Alaska. He has done glacier tours as well as day trips in addition to guiding, handling for mushers on races, and running in many mid-distance races himself. He came in 8th place in the 2015 YQ300 and completed the Iditarod in 2017. The last three years he has been a Race Judge on the Copper Basin 300 and is looking forward to being a part of the 2020 Yukon Quest team.

Jason Severs - Race Judge/ YQ300 Race Marshal

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Jason returns to the Yukon Quest this year as the YQ300 Race Marshal. This is his fourth race as a judge or YQ300 Race Marshal. He brings his diverse experience from the Copper Basin 300 with him, starting as a volunteer and now, board president and Race Manager. Knowing the organizational side, as well logistics and judging perspectives, Jason hopes to help mushers follow their dreams and finish with happy, healthy teams.

Donna Russell-Swope - Race Judge

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Longstanding volunteer Donna-Russell Swope (DRS) is back for her second year as a Race Judge. She previously spent nine years working with the Vet Team as an assistant on the trail, coordinating the Fairbanks Vet Check, handling for mushers, and volunteering at various checkpoints. She also served as a Race Judge for a variety of mid-distance races, including the Copper Basin 300, the Taiga 300, and the Gin Gin 200. DRS is looking forward to being with the dogs and seeing old friends and making new ones. Every year she is humbled to see mushers help other mushers during the race. Last year on Eagle Summit and Rosebud were perfect examples.

Kyla Boivin - Race Judge

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Kyla grew up on a trapline and has had dogs since she was a child. She ran her first Yukon Quest in 2001 when she was 18. Kyla went on to run in six Yukon Quests, retiring from racing in 2009. When she’s not running dogs, she works in construction and log building. She has two beautiful children, Lyla and Solomon. Living in the Yukon, Kyla is familiar with the trails and the communities and is looking forward to being on the trail, especially the fly in and remote checkpoints which she enjoyed so much as a musher. She speaks dog better than human and is hoping to be an asset to the Officials team. She is hoping to run the 2021 Yukon Quest.

Tom Schonberger - Race Judge

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