Day 1: Let's Do This!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Undaunted by the cold temperatures, Yukon Quest fans turned out in large numbers today to watch the start of the 36th annual 1,000-mile sled dog race.

The enthusiastic crowd cheered as one by one this year’s competitors well-wished their loved ones, pep-talked their dog teams, then shot out of the starting chute and into the ice fog coming off the Yukon River.

Second off the line this year was four-time Quest champion Hans Gatt, who set a blistering pace and reached the first checkpoint in Braeburn in just over nine hours. Though he started near the back of the pack, defending champ Allen Moore wasted no time in moving up the ranks, second into Braeburn in a little over 11 hours. He was followed in short succession by veterans Matt Hall and Dave Dalton.

As announced earlier, due to trail conditions, upon reaching Braeburn mushers will truck their teams to Carmacks where they will resume the race after a mandatory 12-hour stop and time differential.   

Standings as of 11:59pm:

  1. Hans Gatt
  2. Allen Moore
  3. Matt Hall
  4. Dave Dalton
  5. Michelle Phillips
  6. Brent Sass
  7. Denis Tremblay
  8. Paige Drobny
  9. Torsten Kohnert
  10. Olivia Webster
  11. Nathaniel Hamlyn
  12. Jessie Royer
  13. Isabelle Travadon
  14. Martin Apayauq Reitan
  15. Ryne Olson
  16. Cody Strathe
  17. Curt Perano
  18. Jason Biasetti
  19. Deke Naaktgeboren
  20. Hendrik Stachnau
  21. Jim Lanier
  22. Brian Wilmshurst
  23. Remy Leduc
  24. Rob Cooke
  25. Laura Allaway
  26. Chase Tingle
  27. Jimmy Lebling
  28. Misha Wiljes
  29. Lisbet Norris
  30. Andrew Pace
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