Day 6: Onward to Eagle

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Dawson dog yard emptied out over the course of the day, with 21 mushers departing for the Eagle checkpoint and the second half of the 2019 Yukon Quest.

Hans Gatt and defending champion Allen Moore began the proceedings just after midnight, both with teams of 13. Paige Drobny and her team of 12 were next out two hours later, followed by Denis Tremblay at 4 a.m. and Matt Hall a little before 6 a.m., both with teams of 11.

Up front, Brent Sass led the leader pack into and out of Clinton Creek, but was passed by the surging Allen Moore and Michelle Phillips as they started the ascent of American Summit. Moore’s team remained strong throughout the climb and widened their lead, at close of day less than one mile out from Eagle, with Michelle Phillips six miles back, and Brent Sass seven.

Denis Tremblay’s consistency landed him in the top five, while Paige Drobny and Ryne Olson both had a strong day on trail, leapfrogging past Matt Hall near the Yukon/Alaska border, though by day’s end Hall had closed the gap significantly.

While Lisbet Norris began her 36-hour layover not long before 11 p.m., 5 of the remaining 6 mushers are due back on trail as Day 7 begins.

The race also had its first scratch today: rookie Jimmy Lebling scratched at 6:48 p.m. citing the well-being of his team.

Standings as of 11:59pm:

  1. Allen Moore
  2. Michelle Phillips
  3. Brent Sass
  4. Hans Gatt
  5. Denis Tremblay
  6. Paige Drobny
  7. Matt Hall
  8. Ryne Olson
  9. Torsten Kohnert
  10. Nathaniel Hamlyn
  11. Martin Apayauq Reitan
  12. Jessie Royer
  13. Cody Strathe
  14. Brian Wilmshurst
  15. Curt Perano
  16. Jason Biasetti
  17. Deke Naaktgeboren
  18. Rob Cooke
  19. Andy Pace
  20. Dave Dalton
  21. Isabelle Travadon
  22. Misha Wiljes
  23. Olivia Webster
  24. Jim Lanier
  25. Chase Tingle
  26. Hendrik Stachnau
  27. Laura Allaway
  28. Remy Leduc
  29. Lisbet Norris