With six races under his belt, Dogmatic is an experienced Yukon Quest Veteran. Running his first race as a yearling, Dogmatic finished his last Yukon Quest with William Kleedehn’s team in 2005.

Since then, the 8-year-old sled dog has settled nicely into life as a retiree. When he isn’t enjoying the good life on the carpet in the family cabin, Dogmatic can be seen keeping his handlers company around the kennel as they perform their daily chores.

Though life as a “carpet dog” can be busy, Dogmatic still finds time for training puppies to pull a sled - and perhaps to run the Yukon Quest as he did many times before.

Fully fluent in English, French and Swiss-German commands, it’s easy to see why Dogmatic makes such an excellent teacher: years of wisdom shine through Dogmatic’s affectionate eyes.

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