The Yukon Quest welcomes back Louve Tweddell from Echoes Kennel in Mendenhall, Yukon Territory to the 2022 race season! She and her team will be competing in the 100 mile race.


Louve was born in Quebec and moved to Yukon Territory when she was four years old. Her father Luc Tweddell has always kept sled dogs and so her earliest memories involve being around the dogs and learning how to mush. “The first time I ran in the basket I was maybe only a year old,” she laughs. “The first time I was alone on a sled I was four.” Louve signed up for her first race when she was only six years old. 


“I love everything about sled dog racing,” she says. “But if I had to pinpoint something, it’s the dogs. I just love working with my dogs.” She’s raised her current team since they were puppies with her oldest dog being eight years old and the youngest around three years of age. “They’re my best friends,” she says. “We’re having a really fun time training and getting ready for the race.”


This will be Louve’s second time back at the Yukon Quest. In 2019, she raced in the 300-mile event. In 2020 and 2021 she and her team competed at the Silver Sled, as well. “The last two years I’ve been working with this team and racing more seriously. But this year our goal is to just have fun,” says Louve.


She comes by her passion for mushing honestly, as sled dog racing is truly a family affair. Louve raises her dogs and trains at her family’s farm in Mendenhall alongside her twin sister, Lori, and their father, Luc. Between the three of them they’re raising 57 dogs at Echoes Kennels.


In 2022, Louve, Lori, and Luc will all be racing with their individual teams in the 100 mile event at the Yukon Quest. “We try not to be competitive with one another,” she says. “I believe my father would like to beat us,” she says with a laugh. “But we’re always motivating one another and supporting one another as family.” 


Louve and her twin sister, Lori, both raced their teams in the 2019 Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race, a 210 mile trail from Dawson City, YT to Eagle, Alaska and back. “My sister and I actually crossed the finish line holding hands. We were together the whole way,” says Louve. “We’re always supporting the other in the ways that we can — and just making sure we’re both having fun out on the trail.”

(Content: Trina Moyles / Photo: Louve Tweddell)