Kennel Manager, Guide
Kennel Name:
Lyngen Outdoor Experiences
Kennel Name Origination:
The Kennel belongs to my boss Tom-Frode Johanson.
Kennel Bloodlines:
A lot of different bloodlines.
Alaskan Husky
# of Dogs in Kennel:
Lyngen Outdoor Experiences

Musher Question & Answer

How many years have you been running dogs?
How did you get started running dogs?

My parents had sled dogs until I was 10. When I finished high school I wanted to start mushing again. I have worked in some other kennels but I have been working and living at Lyngen Outdoor Experiences for 8 years.

What do you love most about running sled dogs?
Are you a member of any other organizations involved in sled dog sports?
tromsø og omegn trekkhundklubb
Why did you enter the Yukon Quest? What are your goals for the race?
It has always been a dream for me to enter the Yukon Quest 1,000 and this year it will be possible for me to do it! My boss will be competing in the Iditarod, so I have the opportunity to run the dogs in the Quest first. My goal is to finish with happy dogs!
How did your dogs get their names?/ How do you choose names?

Every litter has a theme...Movies...Places...

What music do you listen to on the trail?
Share a quick story about one of your indispensable Handlers

My dad will be one of my handlers. He travelled in Alaska alot in the seventies. He is looking forward to visit many of the places that he saw then....Circle, Central, Dawson. He is the reason I am interested in dog mushing!

Tell us about your favourite experience with a volunteer on the trail
There are so many good volunteers on all of the races that I have done! The warm welcome that I received at the last checkpoint in Finnmark last year was amazing!!
List recent sled dog races and/or best performances
2019 finnmarkslopet - 15th place; 2018 Tobacco Trail - 5th place