All six of the remaining YQ300 mushers pulled into Braeburn from Mandanna Lake before 8 AM this morning. With the temperature down to -42 degrees Celsius, the cold has been hard on mushers, though it's made for faster trail conditions.

Volunteers at Braeburn watched the teams arrive to a backdrop of spectacular dancing northern lights. The mushers were likely too tired to care, just happy to reach Braeburn for the chance to rest their dogs, warm up, grab a bite to eat, and hopefully catch some much needed sleep.

Sebastian Dos Santos Borges and Deke Naaktegeboren both arrived at 6:40 AM, followed by Aaron Peck and Jerry Joinson at 7:17 AM and 7:18 AM. Connor McMahon and his team arrived at 7:39 AM. McMahon camped out on the trail 3 times since leaving Braeburn yesterday. "I didn't like it the second time so much," he laughs. "It's a little cold out." That's an understatement! 

At the crack of dawn, Paul Hamlyn of Braveheart Adventures pulled up to Braeburn at 7:54 AM with a team of 11 healthy looking dogs. Most likely, mushers will take another 6 hours to rest and warm up at Braeburn before heading back out on the trail.

Stayed tuned for more updates!