Day 6: Eyes on Eagle

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The remaining four mushers made it to Dawson City this sixth day of the Yukon Quest, while eight departed for the 150-mile climb up and over American Summit.

Sébastien Dos Santos Borges (02:49), Ben Good (03:37), Yuka Honda (03:59), and Red Lantern Hank DeBruin (23:55) were the day’s arrivals.

The first of the departures was current leader Brent Sass, whose mandatory 36-hour layover was completed at 04:23. Hugh Neff resumed his pursuit for the lead four hours later with a team of 12. Matt Hall and Allen Moore left in short succession, Hall with 13 dogs at 10:08, Moore at 10:18 with 12. Fifth place Ed Hopkins went out at 11:43 with his 13-dog team, Katherine Keith at 15:44 with 11, Paige Drobny at 17:25 with 12, and Torsten Kohnert at 21:03 with 12.

Sass was through Clinton Creek before noon, and stopped to rest around 15:00 at the base of American Summit, as Neff was just approaching Forty Mile. By 20:00 Sass had begun the summit ascent, and as of midnight the tracker show’s him one quarter of the way up. Neff stopped at Clinton Creek from 16:00 – 19:30, and day’s end finds him at the base of the summit 18 miles behind Sass.

Third and fourth place changed hands as Allen Moore passed Matt Hall shortly before noon 16 miles from Dawson. Moore reached Clinton Creek circa 17:30 with a 20 minute lead on Hall, but dropped back to fourth when he stopped to camp 64 miles from Eagle at 21:00. After passing Moore, Hall put six miles between them then set camp at 22:00 58 miles out.

Ten miles back Ed Hopkins was through Clinton Creek at 19:00, then stopped to camp at 21:30 67 miles from Eagle. Paige Drobny kept a steady pace out of Dawson and by midnight was within a mile of Clinton Creek, while Torsten Kohnert was 30 miles out.

Standings as of 11:59PM:

1. Brent Sass
2. Hugh Neff
3. Matt Hall
4. Allen Moore
5. Ed Hopkins
6. Katherine Keith
7. Paige Drobny
8. Torsten Kohnert
9. Ryne Olson
10. Brian Wilmshurst
11. Rob Cooke
12. Jessie Royer
13. Dave Dalton
14. Yuka Honda
15. Gaetan Pierrard
16. Ben Good
17. Sébastien Dos Santos Borges
18. Hank DeBruin

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