Introducing Armchair Musher, Jodi Bailey

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Hey y’all it is Yukon Quest time everyone ready? I am following along like many of you from home wishing I was there. And I will also be doing some posts about the race. Who am I and why should you care? Here are some things my generic bio doesn't’t always say.

Our Kennel’s been involved with the Quest for years. Dan began racing seriously in 1999, and competed in the Quest 250 when it was still the Quest 250. He went on to compete in the Yukon Quest multiple times. I was always his support and handler, both at the kennel and on the trail, giving me years of experience seeing how things work in checkpoints, with logistics, and from a handler’s perspective. This time spent handling for Dan on the Yukon Quest gave me insights to how the race is run, as well as gave me the opportunity to build relationships with many of the vets and officials working the race who were generous with their advice. 

Then as I became more serious about mushing I decided it was time to step up and race.  So I did my qualifiers staring in 2008 and then in 2011 I made history and and was the first person crazy enough to think they could run  both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod back to back as a rookie. (I did and it was actually one of the most amazing adventures of my life). In addition I have participated in many distance races including: the GinGin 200, Two Rivers 200, Solstice 100, Copper Basin 300, Tustamena 200, Kobuk 440, Northern Lights 300, and the Denali Doubles. I also enjoy participating in events like the local Two Rivers Dog Mushers fun runs and the Alpine Creek Excursion. I adore distance racing, in spite of the obvious challenges and hardships it is forgiving in a way. I tried to explain it in this Blog Post. Which really isn’t Quest related but gives you a peek into how my mind works on long runs.

Dan and I continue to race while also working to grow the tourism part of Dew Claw Kennel.  Currently Dew Claw is home to 38 adult sled dogs, 13 puppies (the next generation of Dew Claw Dogs) a very spoiled Blue Healer, a grumpy older mini Australian Shepard, an adorable little rescue mutt who is learning to trust humanity.

And what am I here for? Commentary and insight from someone who has been a part of the Yukon Quest for two decades & is passionate about mushing. Maybe a little entertainment and some of my random ramblings. Hopefully some information that will be interesting and help folks following along better understand the race.

So fire up your laptops brew some strong coffee and get ready to follow along at home as teams make the epic journey from Whitehorse to Fairbanks.


Jodi Bailey