The weather has swung from freezing to sunny, the dog yard is empty, and volunteers are packing up Braeburn Check Point to head back to Whitehorse for tomorrow's big finish.

Deke Naaktegeboren departed Braeburn at 14:40, his dogs barking and jumping, eager to get back on the trail after a good rest. Jerry Joinson packed up and readied his team to leave shortly after at 14:48.

Paul Hamlyn decided to rest his team for an additional hour. They pulled out of the dog yard at 15:54.

Mushers are now on the homestretch for Whitehorse! They have the option of resting 38 miles down the trail at Time Station 3. We're anticipating the first mushers at the finish line in the early hours of the morning.

A big thanks to the wonderful folks at the Braeburn Lodge for hosting another Yukon Quest, and all of our amazing volunteers stationed here to make the race a success.

See you at the finish line!