By Way of Introduction

Friday, February 3, 2017

It’s been a few years since we occupied the hallowed cushions of the armchair musher, but our seven week-old little girl Ada has sidelined us for this year’s Quest, so here we sit, all three of us enthralled at the race before us. The other two of us are Kristin Knight Pace & Andrew Pace, both veterans & future participants of the Yukon Quest. We own & operate Hey Moose! Kennel in beautiful Healy, AK. Kristin ran the Yukon Quest in 2015, when temperatures along the trail plummeted to almost -70F/-57C. Andy ran in 2016, under generally more clement conditions.

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the trail with a good number of this year’s participants & we’re excited to see how their strategies unfold.

In these posts, we’re going to do our best to offer what insight we can into the race, from what goes on in preparation to what the teams are likely doing along the trail.

Kristin Knight Pace & Andrew Pace