All nine mushers of the YQ300 crossed the finish line in Whitehorse early this morning within only 7 hours of one another, making this year's 300 event an unusually tight race. 

Aaron Peck of Elevation Sled Dogs in Grande Prairie, Alta, came in 4th at 4:06 AM with 9 dogs, while Deke Naaktegeboren was traveling closely behind, reaching Whitehorse only eight minutes later, in 5th place.

First time Quest racer, Connor McMahon of Feral Dog Racing, reached Whitehorse at 5:59 AM, his dog Mako leading the team across the finish line to place 6th. Sebastien Dos Santos Borges was just less than an hour behind, making it in at 6:55 AM, placing 7th, as the winds continued to gust 30-50 km an hour. He started and finished the race with 12 dogs.

Fellow mushers, including McMahon and Nathaniel Hamlyn, winner of the Y100, gathered with the crowd to cheer on seasoned musher and Quest racer, Jerry Joinson, who pulled across the finish at 8:12 AM with eight dogs, taking 8th place. Joinson, who's been racing since 1965, says this year's YQ300 just well may be his last race.

Paul Hamlyn of Braveheart Adventures pulled up behind Joinson only 15 minutes later, arriving at the finish line with 8 dogs and receiving the Red Lantern. Hamlyn's team is made up of a mix of veteran dogs and younger dogs.

Most importantly, there were many a wagging tail this morning and despite the last stretch on the trail being a difficult one due to the high winds, everyone's teams were looking in great shape. 

Congratulations to all of this year's YQ300 mushers! What an amazing effort to stay the course and endure some more than challenging weather and trail conditions. 

Hope you enjoy some rest today and see you later at the Finishing Awards tonight at 5 PM at the Gold Rush Inn. Meet the Mushers will take place just after from 6 - 9 PM. The event is open to the public with limited capacity. (Please note that COVID-19 regulations apply).