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After 1 AM on Sunday, February 12th, the YQ100 mushers and their teams crossed the finish line in Braeburn. Luc Tweddell led the pack, followed by Jonathon Lucas, and Nate Metzen. Debbie Knight and her team pulled up at 4:34 AM with 8 dogs.

Janna-Lee Cushing and her team of Siberian huskies camped around 10 miles out from Braeburn. Her father, Geoffrey, fiance, Pavel, brother, Kirk, and sister-in-law, Molly were waiting eagerly at the finish line. Janna-Lee traveled with her team and family from Quebec to Whitehorse last week -- a three day journey. Racing the Yukon Quest trail has been a long dream of hers after several years of volunteering at the Quest.

"There's something to be said about the rapport Janna-Lee has with her puppies -- and when I say puppies, they're a couple years old, she's had them since they've been little ones," commented her brother, Kirk.

"This is her life. The fact that she's making this is a dream come true and that we're all here patiently waiting for her is just in itself a dream."

Janna-Lee and her team of 9 Siberian huskies crossed the Braeburn Finish Line at 12:46 PM in good health and spirits, winning the Red Lantern award for the YQ100 race.

Congratulations to all of the YQ100 mushers and their teams! They'll be celebrating at the YQ100 & YQ250 Finishing Awards in Whitehorse on February 14th, 2023 at the Gold Rush Inn.