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  • Virtual Yukon Quest Challenge
    Virtual Yukon Quest Challenge

The Yukon Quest has partnered with Cathy Dimon to host a fundraising challenge that promotes an active lifestyle while helping to raise money for the races.

The 2024 Virtual Yukon Quest Challenge will follow the Yukon Race route! Entrants will virtually start this challenge in Whitehorse, Yukon, and travel along the historic Yukon Quest Trail as far as possible before the end date of the challenge. All miles logged from October 10, 2023, to March 10, 2024, will count towards the Virtual Yukon Quest Challenge. 

With 5 months to complete this challenge, this is for any activity level! Entrants can go for:

-the full 450 mile race route (90 miles per month/22.5 miles per week/3.21 miles per day)

-the 250 mile race route (50 miles per month/12.5 miles per week/1.78 miles per day), or 

-the 100 mile race route (20 miles per month/5 miles per week/0.71 miles per day). 

The total miles completed in the 5 months of the challenge will determine your final award!

Entrants will log miles on a Google Sheet that will be monitored by the Coordinator of the Challenge, Cathy Dimon, and the Yukon Quest offices during the event. All miles logged in the sheet are official miles for determining the final challenge award.

To sign up, just fill out the form below and an invoice will be sent to your email. Once your entry is confirmed, you will receive your Google Sheet for logging your miles and your invitation to join the exclusive Facebook support group specifically for this challenge.

Click here to Sign Up!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Cathy Dimon, Virtual Yukon Quest Challenge Coordinator ([email protected]), or Benjamin Smith, Yukon Quest Executive Director ([email protected]).

If you wish to still support but aren't able to compete in the challenge, you can still join by pledging support by donating for the Virtual Yukon Quest Challenge on the form.