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Jaime Martinez

Jaime will be the Assistant Head Veterinarian along our trail, primarily overseeing the YQ100 and YQ250. A Yukon Quest veteran, he knows the trail and the challenges mushers and dog teams face as they compete in this historic race.

In his own words:

I am a Spanish veterinarian and I live in Barcelona. I have owned a small animal clinic since 1987. I became involved in the world of mushing in 1998, participating as a veterinarian in a race in the Pyrenees for many years. This opened the doors for me to participate as a veterinarian since 2000 in different editions of the Iditarod, Race to Sky, Yukon Quest, Pedigree Stage Stop, Finmarkslopet (Norway), North Hope and a multitude of small races in Spain and Europe.

I return to the Yukon Territories with the same spirit as the first day: hoping to learn from my fellow veterinarians, from the mushers with their experience and of course, learning from the dogs. They are the true protagonists of this mushing festival that is the Yukon Quest.

The rest of my time (when I'm not working in my clinic) my wife accompanies me on other adventures such as hiking in the mountains or diving in some wonderful seas.