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Mushers must have demonstrated ability to complete a long distance sled dog race. Rookie mushers must have completed a YQIA sanctioned 200-mile or 300-mile race.

Qualifying races must be completed within 42 months of the start of the Yukon Quest race.

  • Musher Assessment Forms must be completed and submitted with entry. If a qualifier is run between Sign Up Date and pre-race Vet Check, the musher assessment form is due within ten days of running a qualifying race. Musher Assessment Forms for all qualifiers are required for the 2024 race.
  • Iditarod Finishers are qualified to enter the Yukon Quest.
  • YQI may deem that previous or other racing experience is considered equivalent to one or both of the qualifiers. Mushers applying for this consideration must do so in writing by November 31, 2023.
  • All applicants will have their applications to enter the Yukon Quest reviewed by the YQI Rules Committee.
  • YQI will honor censures from the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Censures from other sled dog racing organizations may be honored. Entry will not be accepted until unpaid fines and bills to YQI are paid.
  • No one convicted of animal abuse or neglect may enter the Yukon Quest.

Qualifiers must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Must be eligible distance (200 miles or more, OR 300 miles or more for 300 qualifiers)
  • Must be a continuous-run race (stage races do not qualify)
  • Must have a written set of Rules.
  • Must have a Race Marshal overseeing the rules and the conduct of the race.
  • Must have a Vet Program to ensure good canine care.
  • Must support independent travel (no outside assistance allowed)

It is suggested that all races honor YQ censures.

Sanctioned Yukon Quest qualifiers

Qualifier status is subject to change depending on the outcome of each race or any changes for the 2023/2024 season.

Races qualifying as 200 miles

Races qualifying as 300 miles

Please note: Races allowing outside assistance (optional or not) are no longer approved or accepted as qualifiers for the Yukon Quest. The YQI advises any mushers looking to qualify for the Quest to verify any prospective races prior to competing.

For sled dog race organizers

If you are the organizer of a sled dog race that is interested in applying to become an Official Qualifier of the Yukon Quest, please contact the Yukon Quest.