Yukon Quest Trail Information

In 2022, the Yukon Quest will be running four races, the YQ300& YQ100 in the Yukon and the YQ550 & YQ200 in Alaska. The four races will run over 1,000 miles through 11 communities in Alaska and Yukon, following historic Northern travel routes.



YQ100 YUKON – Whitehorse to Braeburn

Whitehorse to Braeburn: (Long 100 miles)

You will be on the Yukon River for the first 12 miles of trail, then up the Takhini for approx. 18 miles. You climb the right-hand bank to intersect with the Old Dawson Overland Trail. You will be on this trail for about 70 miles. Good timber on a relatively easy section of trail. There are a couple of hills that can be challenging on the downhill. There are plenty of places to take a break; not many recognizable landmarks for the rookie. If you have questions; talk to Frank Turner. 5 miles from the Braeburn checkpoint you will encounter a very steep, short downhill on to Braeburn Lake. Cross the Lake and back onto the trail with a left turn.