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The Yukon Quest dog sled trail follows historic Gold Rush and Mail Delivery routes from the turn of the 20th Century.

WHITEHORSE TO BRAEBURN (100 miles/ 161 km)

Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory, the Yukon’s capital city is the starting point of the race (First Avenue). The Yukon River runs through Whitehorse’s downtown core. Whitehorse is home to the Ta’an Kwäch’än and Kwanlin Dun First Nations. The city was long a staging point for shipping and transportation to the goldfields of the Klondike.

This portion of the trail runs on the Old Dawson Trail, today part of the Trans Canada Trail. Teams can be seen following the trail under the Takhini River bridge, at kilometre 4.5 of the North Klondike Highway (Mayo Road).

BRAEBURN TO CARMACKS (77 miles/ 124 km)

Braeburn Lodge, famous for its very large cinnamon buns, has been an official checkpoint since 1999. Mushers can choose to take a mandatory 4 hour layover either here or at the next checkpoint, Carmacks. 

Upon leaving Braeburn, the trail takes the mushers deep into the bush and along a chain of lakes. They can next be seen as they arrive at Carmacks.


Carmacks, population 450, was named for George Carmack, one of the original discoverers of gold in the Klondike in 1896. Situated on the Yukon River, the community is in the traditional territory of the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation.

Yukon Quest dog teams can be seen traveling along the Freegold Road as they leave Carmacks. Mushers can choose to take a mandatory 4 hour layover here or at the previous checkpoint, Braeburn. The teams can next be seen along the Klondike Highway in the Minto area, as they head for the hot moose stew at McCabe Creek, about 34 miles from Pelly. A working farm, McCabe Creek is an official dog drop.