Current Residence:
Whitehorse, Yukon
Environmental Assessment Analyst
Kennel Name:
Step Up Kennels
Kennel Name Origination:
From my desire to constantly learn and improve.
Kennel Bloodlines:
Swingley, Buser
Alaskan Husky
# of Dogs in Kennel:

Musher Question & Answer

How many years have you been running dogs?
11 years
Tell us about your dogs, particularly some stories or facts about dogs running the 2022 race with you

Snickers is a very unique dog, she is very smart so likes the coach just as much as running it seems. When she runs and gets tangled she hops up and down like a rabbit to fix the issue. This has not failed to work.

How did you get started running dogs?

Went from Inuit dogs to Siberian to Alaskan Huskies. My dad introduced me to the sport/lifestyle and we attempted to convert pet dogs into sled dogs for the first couple of years. My mentor (Marcel Morin) then introduced me to racing and sparked my dream to run the Quest into a fire..

What do you love most about running sled dogs?

<p>The unique lifestyle that comes with it and the feeling of being a part of an amazing team.</p>

Are you a member of any other organizations involved in sled dog sports?
Dog Powered Sports Association of Yukon
Why did you enter the Yukon Quest? What are your goals for the race?
To have fun, and challenge myself with a foster paced race (hopefully :))
How did your dogs get their names?/ How do you choose names?

The dogs I raised are assigned themes, ex, Guns: Remington, Ruger, Tikka or tree/Shrubs: Tuniper, Sprure, Aspen, Rose.

What music do you listen to on the trail?

<p>The country mostly but I dabble in rock and rap when I need some motivation.</p>

Share a quick story about one of your indispensable Handlers

My wife Annika is not / has not been a handler but is instead a critical part of my team. She either helps on the races or stays behind to look after the dogs at home, both critical jobs. Doing my first YQ1000 she gave me letters full of encouraging remarks, they kept me going.

Tell us about your favourite experience with a volunteer on the trail
Too many positive experiences to pick one. My memories tend to be centred around food, however. Spectators handing me a burger or hot chocolate as I went by is an example of the amazing Yukon Spirit. These actions and words of encouragement mean a lot as the race is very hands-off by nature.
List recent sled dog races and/or best performances
Year: 2018; Race: Yukon Quest 1000; Finish Position: 13th
Year: 2019; Race: Yukon Quest 1000; Finish Position: 10th
Year: 2020; Race: Yukon Quest 300; Finish Position: 3th
Year: 2021; Race: Yukon Quest 250; Finish Position: 5th