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What are we?

We are a non-profit organization located in Whitehorse, Yukon, and are registered and compliant with the Yukon Societies’ Act. As a registered non-profit, an elected Board of Directors that serves yearly terms, with updated bylaws and governing documents available upon request, governs us. Our financial statements are audited annually for accuracy and transparency. Our administration fees are covered through contribution agreements with government partners, and all of our sponsorship and fundraising efforts go directly into the organization and production of the Yukon Quest.

Core Values

The Yukon Quest International Association (Canada) operates under these core values:

  • Always focusing on the mushers and their dogs
  • Maintaining financial responsibility
  • Operating with honesty and integrity
  • Keeping transparency throughout our business

Mission Statement

Yukon Quest International Association (Canada) is a non-profit organization that organizes, markets, and produces the annual Yukon Quest dog sled races. Through our races, we promote exceptional standards of dog care and health and safety, as well as the highest levels of competition, to create the most immersive and engaging entertainment experience for our fans and supporters all around the world. Our mandate is to advance the sport of dog sledding with an unwavering commitment to the health and safety of our human and canine athletes, as well as to promote the Yukon and the communities, organizations, and people within that make this iconic event a success.

Board of Directors

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Anne Tayler | President

Anne has been involved with the Quest, directly and indirectly, since 1992. She has served on the Board several times, handled for her partner, Frank Turner, for 13 years. Being a handler has given her a unique perspective on the race. Anne is committed to the re - development of the race, in a post - Covid world, and adapting the race to take into account changing communities, and changing conditions along the trail, including the varied impacts of climate change.

Carol Locke | Vice President

Hi my name is Carol locke. I am the Vice President of the Yukon Quest Board of Directors. I was born and grew up in a small Manitoba town called Macgregor. Currently I am a police officer with over 20 years of service. I transferred to the Whitehorse RCMP in the summer of 2013 with my husband and two dogs. I knew as soon as I arrived that I wanted to be involved with the Yukon Quest, and in February 2014, I volunteered at the Carmacks checkpoint. From then on, I was hooked. I have volunteered with the Yukon Quest every year since and plan to do so for many years to come. I have worked to make the Yukon Quest better every year with volunteering as the Checkpoint Manager in Pelly Crossing, helping at the start line in Whitehorse, and as of the late, managing the pre-race Vet Check. I am a dog lover and support all means to promote dog care. I enjoy hiking, camping, and travelling with my husband and two dogs. My two dogs are Husky-crosses named Tundra, who is thirteen years old, and our one-year-old pup named Camp. My goal is for the Yukon Quest to become the best dog sled race in the world that promotes exceptional dog care with the mushers that participate. I look forward to seeing you all on the trail!

Aaron Peck

Aaron Peck, his wife Eva and 4 children reside in Grande Prairie Alberta. Aaron has been running sled dogs for 30 years with a primary focus on long distance races such as the Iditarod. Aaron has competed in the Iditarod 10x, and has also competed in the Yukon Quest 450 the last two years as well as other races like the Caledonia Classic 200 and the Canadian Challenge 320. Aaron has a passion for sharing the sport of dog mushing with others through his dog sled touring business Elevation Sled Dog Adventures. To learn more about Aaron and Elevation Sled Dogs visit www.elevationsleddogs.ca
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Andrea Fischer

I love living and working in the forest. I grew up in the Kawartha Lakes area of southern Ontario, went to Sault Forestry College in northern Ontario, and then moved to the Yukon in 1993. I have been living on a trapline with my family and have been active with the Canadian Rangers since then. My husband and I have raised three children and a few cats and dogs. I’ve only had the opportunity to mush once, and it was fun! I joined the Quest Board to establish a working relationship with the Rangers, who break the trail for the Quest Race.

Jonathan Alsberghe

Originally from France, Jonathan now resides in Whitehorse, running out of The Fluffy Team kennel. That name is in homage to the fans that cheered him on in his first race! Jonathan is a junior member of the Board and is eager to help in any way with the races.

Nathaniel Hamlyn

As a musher the Yukon Quest was a key reason why I moved to Whitehorse from my hometown (Yellowknife) and why I choose to stick around. My motivation for being on the board is simple. To keep mushing and the way of life that stems from the sport possible in an ever changing world.

Bernard Stehelin

I am a born and raised Yukoner with a great appreciation for where I live. I remember watching many a start for the Yukon quest throughout my life. I understand that this race is part of who we are as Yukoners. I look forward to working with other board members to continue something that is very important to us all.

Mackenzie Hare

Mackenzie Hare, a Chartered Accountant originally from Calgary Alberta, gained interest in the Quest through his family ties to the Yukon. While Mackenzie may thrive in the financial hustle, his passion for sports and the great outdoors allows him to beat with the rhythm of the Yukon Quest. As an avid supporter of the race, Mackenzie brings a unique blend of financial acumen and a love for the wild. He remains eager to help support the Quest through its continued growth and success.

Frank Turner

Frank Turner has been involved in the Quest since its inception, working with other founders to develop the race in 1983 - 84. He ran the race 24 times, placing in the top 6 many times and winning in 1995, and receiving the Vet's Choice award twice. He served as a musher Rep in the past and now sits on the Board. He is committed to helping the Quest move forward, and to making the race exciting, fun for the mushers, and safe for all the dogs.


Abi Horobin | Race Operations Manager

Abi will oversee race planning and logistics as we prepare for the 2024 Yukon Quest, and will be the main contact for race officials, volunteers, and mushers during the race. Abi joins the Yukon Quest following roles in the expedition and outdoor education industries. She has planned and led expeditions across the globe including in Africa, Australia, North and South America and Europe. She has served as leader on expeditions in remote locations and through challenging environments. These roles gave her unique insight into the obstacles faced when organizing supplies and logistics for difficult terrain and conditions, as well as the importance of teamwork, communication, and organization. These insights and skills will be essential as she settles in to the Race Operations Manager role and helps make the necessary preparations for the success of the Yukon Quest. Abi moved to the Yukon with her husband in 2019, drawn by a love of wilderness. She has worked as Manager of Education and Programming at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, and more recently, as Volunteers Coordinator with the Yukon River Quest. She is also an active member of the Yukon Search and Rescue Team.

Benjamin Smith | Executive Director

My name is Ben and I arrived in the Yukon in January 2023, and started working with the Yukon Quest in July 2023. I was born and raised in Southern Alberta and worked in Operations Management in production and manufacturing facilities before moving here. My fiancée was offered a job in Whitehorse so we came to check out the city and fell in love with the Yukon as soon as we got here. We packed up our two kittens and our doggo, said goodbye to Alberta, and moved on up! I enjoy kayaking and playing just about every sport, with my favorites being soccer, baseball, and curling. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Downtown Urban Garden Society (DUGS), and I am an assistant soccer coach for Special Olympics Yukon. It is absolutely a goal of mine to become an experienced musher, especially since I am immersed in the Yukon Quest every day. One day I would like to compete in a dog sled race. My vision for the Yukon Quest is for our event to become the premier event in our sport as well as the signature event in the entire Northern region. Through innovation, long-term planning, and solid organization, I know we will establish the Yukon Quest as the leading event in the mushing calendar and a draw for competitors, tourists, fans, and supporters from all around the world.

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