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Run/rest data released from 2023 Yukon Quest

The Yukon Quest 2023 is official finished and the Yukon Quest International Association (Canada) would like to congratulation all the dogs, mushers, volunteers, staff, sponsors and friends of the Quest who helped to make this year so successful.

Some of the major changes made to this year’s Quest races were additions to the mandatory rest requirements coupled with greater flexibility for mushers on where and when that mandatory rest could be taken.

YQ450 Mushers Finish in Dawson City

After Michelle Phillip's commanding win in the YQ450 in the early hours of February 15th, Mille Porsild and her team crossed the finish line twelve hours later at 1:10 PM.

Mille finished with 8 dogs.

Mayla Hill of Elevation Sled Dogs was the third to arrive in Dawson City. She crossed the finish line at 8:22 PM with 8 dogs. This was Mayla's longest race to date. "We're ready to do 500 more miles," she said at the finish line.

Michelle Phillips Wins the 2023 YQ450

In the early hours of February 15, 2023, Michelle Phillips and her team crossed the finish line in Dawson City, YT, at 1:21 AM. A crowd gathered outside the Dawson Info Centre to cheer on Michelle as she and the pups came in. 

Michelle of Tagish Lake Kennels started and finished the YQ450 with a team of twelve dogs.

YQ250 Finish Line - Sears in 4th and Kingsley Takes Red Lantern

Just before midnight on February 13th, Jess Sears of Dog Song Rising pulled into the Pelly Crossing finish line for the YQ250. Sears arrived with 8 dogs. The temperature dropped and northern lights came out dancing in full glory.

Volunteers cheered in Ilana Kingsley of Stinky Pup Kennels as she and her team crossed the finish line - 9 dogs - to take the Red Lantern Award for the YQ250.

A valiant effort by all YQ250 mushers and their teams. Congratulations to everyone! They will be celebrated at the Finishing Awards tonight in Whitehorse, YT.

Aiyana O'Shaughnessy Wins the YQ250 in Pelly Crossing

Aiyana O'Shaughnessy crossed the finish line at Pelly Crossing at 12:55 pm on February 13th to win 1st place in the YQ250. Aiyana finished with 12 dogs. O'Shaughnessy works as a handler for Tagish Lakes Kennels.

"The dogs were awesome. They did great. It was some of dogs' longest race and they did really well," said Aiyana. "There were so many beautiful areas along the race, including some crazy moments like at jumble ice, which kept me awake," she laughed.

Michelle Phillips Leading the Pack into Carmacks Check Point

Michelle Phillips and her team of 12 dogs pulled up to the Carmacks Check Point on Sunday, February 12th at 2:17 PM. Phillips departed Braeburn at 3:03 AM and was flying towards time station 2 at Lake Mandanna, approximately 50 miles out. She arrived at Carmacks in good spirits, commenting on the great trail conditions, and prepped her team for their mandatory 6 hour rest. Phillips is several hours ahead of the other 250 and 450 mushers.

YQ100 Wrap Up: Janna-Lee Cushing Takes the Red Lantern

After 1 AM on Sunday, February 12th, the YQ100 mushers and their teams crossed the finish line in Braeburn. Luc Tweddell led the pack, followed by Jonathon Lucas, and Nate Metzen. Debbie Knight and her team pulled up at 4:34 AM with 8 dogs.

Luc Tweddell Wins the YQ100

Fans gathered in the early morning on Sunday, February 12th to congratulate Luc Tweddell and his team as they pulled first in the YQ100 across the Braeburn Finishing Line. He finished the race at 1:11 AM with 10 dogs.

Phillips and McMahon First into Braeburn

Michelle Phillips of Tagish Lake Kennels, YQ450 musher, came flying into the Braeburn Checkpoint on Saturday, February 11th at 10:58 PM, nearly an hour earlier than officials were expecting mushers to arrive. The low snow levels has resulted in a hard packed, fast trail.

And they're off! Mushers Head out on the 2023 Yukon Quest Trail

A crowd of fans gathered at Shipyard's Park in Whitehorse, YT to cheer on the sixteen mushers racing in this year's Yukon Quest. Board member and local musher, Jonathon Alsberghe, and his team of the "fluffies" was first to leave Shipyard's Park in memoriam of legendary musher, Bruce Johnson.

The 450-mile mushers departed at 11 AM, led by the #1 bib, Aaron Peck, followed by Connor McMahon, Michelle Phillips, Mille Porsild, Mayla Hill, and Louve Tweddell.

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